Untitled Shit.

My Wish list..

❒ My own room - Well, maybe it’s time that I gotta have my own room. Since I was a kid, My Grandma, Grandpa, My sister and me are sharing a room. I’m very much comfortable having them around cuz I’m scared when I’m like all alone but sometimes, I’m kind of getting a Lil emotional about everything thinking about my problems and other stuff .I want to cry but it’s very awkward y’know :| What if my sister hears me cry or my mom? :| Gross. Hmyeah, that’s one of the reasons why I would like to have my own room. Secondly, to be able to do the things that I want to do and just listen to my favorite songs without someone telling me to shut the music and Et Cetera. I know soon I’m gonna have my own room, I just can’t wait.

❒ Nikon D7000 -  I really want one but it’s not that important to me though since I have a Semi- DSLR (which I don’t use anymore) It’s just that I want to collect cameras and stuff like this. Don’t judge me. Muahaha.

✔ Pen Tablet - Inspired by Happymonster’s Doodles so I was thinkin that maybe I should buy one. I love to draw and doodle but I didn’t expect that it’d be that hard using a fucking tablet. Shaky Hands >.< TSK.

✔ Laptop (thanks tumblr!) - My very first Laptop! Hahaha. Maybe all of you are wondering why I said “thanks tumblr” because if it wasn’t for tumblr, I don’t have any lappy and will just stick to my PC. (Poor PC, no one’s using it ever since I got my lappy) And of course, thanks to my myself for taking “money making online" seriously before. Ha.

❒ Guy Bestfriend- Yes! Me wants a guy bestfriend. I would like to have a GUY BESTFRIEND this College, PLEASE? :} Hahaha. Like Sirius Lee.

Well, I guess that is all for now.- Peace!

Pen Tablet.

*Sigh. So I haven’t been using my Pen Tablet for like months now and I’m worried kasi baka masira siya. TSK. I’m planning to give it to someone who deserves it but thinking of the price, Nahhh, Nevermind. Hahaha. Well, pera ko kasi ginastos ko dun kaya nakakapanghinayang kung ibibigay lang plus It’s so hard to use like crap. My hands are very shaky and I prefer using the mouse pa. XD I bought it kasi it’s the trend noon, I mean, tablet was very useful. (sa mga pro lang yata.) Haha. Well, I’m just a jealous bitch, Oki? Pfft.

Reason why I hate opening my Facebook Chat :|

Te. Ikaw na! Ikaw na! Parati nalang Paulit-ulit pinagsasabi mo. Nakakaloka ka! Hahaha. Pwede bang wag mo na akong pasahan ng pauli-ulit na GM mo. Nakaka irita ka :| TSK.


Words can’t explain my happiness right now. Heckyeah, bitchez!

Fucking Hot! Max Davidftw. He&#8217;s the one who made my theme. Woot. Wolo lung XD Sikat na sikat na ang boyfiee ko. Chos. Hahaha. 

My Cousin knows my Blog URL.

:| Fuck. I should be careful with my words and post right now because he might see it. It’s really awkward, like you want to express your thoughts but you might wanna make it less *OA* cuz you think he’ll be like “Sabaw naman sa ka OA-han neto" while reading your post. Right? Hahaha. 

I should’ve not bought this domain in the first place but due to Exciteness, binili ko nalang. TSK. TSK. TSK. /laslastothemax.


I just woke up. Ughhh :| Hello Killer Eyebags! Slept at around 2 AM Last Night. I’m off to school today with my cousins, AGAIN! They’re waiting for me, they’re ready to go and I’m still typing this thing. Hahaha. I have to take a bath and Eat. Haisht. I’m so tired, same routine everyday.

Ohwell, guess what? I bought a new domain for my Personal Blog! {Peejayjosol.com} maybe I will be giving away some free domains to my friends. :} MAYBE. Hahaha. But oh, my cousin found out about my DOMAIN and I know he’s gonna see my Blogging Churva. #Jujujuju. It’s kind of awkward when someone you know in real life reads about your *Ka churvahan* Erghh. I wanna fucking kill him. I’m fuckin pissed :|

So yeah, Buh-bye erybody! Will be back laturrrr. CHAYONARA!